Gardens are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature

In 2021, we can expect a lot of new trends for garden design. Here are some ideas that may be worth exploring in the future:

1) Plants that grow without sunlight – this would allow you to have plants inside your house and enjoy their beauty all year round.

2) Hydroponics – growing plants without soil, which is especially useful in places where there’s a shortage of soil or water supply. Hydroponics is already used by NASA for its greenhouses on Mars!

3) Vertical gardens – a very popular trend from Japan which allows you to grow plants in small spaces by stacking them on top of each other vertically.

What will the best trends be for your garden in 2021? Here are some predictions.

– The trend of living walls is becoming popular. These are vertical gardens that can be created on any wall, including inside your house. They are designed to make the environment clean and healthy, by decreasing the levels of harmful air particles and increasing the levels of oxygen in the air.

– Organic food production will be a new trend for horticulture in 2021, because people are becoming more health conscious about what they eat.

– It’s predicted that hydroponics will be a new trend for horticulture as well, because it’s an effective way to grow plants without needing soil or pesticides to produce large yields with minimal water usage.