This year, we will see an explosion in the installation of beehive gardens

These gardens offer a new and unique form of pollination, as well as a point of interest for visitors to your garden.

Beehive gardens are becoming more and more popular due to the increase in bee populations and their decline in health. Beehive gardens provide a new and unique form of pollination that can help reverse this decline. They also provide an attractive point of interest for visitors to your garden or anyone who might happen by!

The garden is the perfect place for you to spend time escaping from the stress of your daily life. The best trend for your garden in 2021 is the green roof.

# Using green roofs will help to decrease energy bills and produce fresh air, which has been shown to improve moods and increase creativity.

# A green roof not only benefits humans but also helps birds, insects and plants by providing them with a natural habitat that reduces urban heat island effect and storm water runoff.

# It also provides insulation which will decrease noise pollution coming from cars or planes.

The trendiest garden of 2021 might be one where the plants are not only watered by an automatic system, but also fertilized and pruned.

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The best trends in gardening will be those that are convenient for both homeowners and their plants! In 2021, the most trendy gardens will include automated systems for watering, fertilizing, and pruning.